I am Maik and a self taught
photographer with a passion for
architecture and minimal.


Maik Lipp
Im Brombeerfeld 56
60437 Frankfurt, Germany

+49(0)171 / 4883073


I am Maik and USRDCK is my photography & design studio based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I am a self taught photographer with a passion for architecture, minimal, land- and cityscapes. I was born in the 70's and live and work in Frankfurt since 2009.
And sorry... I'm not on facebook.

And currently I'm available for freelance work.

The NUO-Magazine writes: "Lipp’s stunning photos lift facades, interiors and even streets out of the ordinary and make us see them in a whole new way."

Most of my images are available as limited, numbered and handsigned prints in different sizes. Do not hesitate and send requests to hello@usrdck.com if you are interested. But if you want it fast and direct, you can order some of my prints here.

Publications / Clients

16.02.05 | Fubiz "Minimalist Blue Architectural"
16.01.29 | Ignant "Clean Architectural Photography"
16.01.22 | Designideas "Mixed Minimal • 2 by Maik Lipp"
15.12.11 | Coggles "Photography - Maik Lipp"
15.12.02 | Minimalissimo "Minimalissimo"
14.05.17 | Nuo Magazine "Beauty in spaces"
13.10.01 | Huffington Post "15 Reasons the world looks better in black and white"


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